Quarantined bride-to-be / groom-to-be? Here are the things you can get done for your invitations!

Wedding Invitations

Hey guys!
Thank you so much for being with us today!
It is your encouragement & support that makes us want to do more for all you lovely people! ๐Ÿ™‚

We do know, these are tough times and that most of us are affected in some way or the other.
We are sure we’ll all come out of this pandemic only stronger!

Today’s blog post is all about giving you guys some headway on to where to begin & what all you can tick-off for your wedding invites, while staying indoors!

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So let’s begin right away!

1) Creating a mood-board :

It is always difficult to give a design brief to your designer – but you need to start somewhere!

The best way to do this, is to use images that catch your eye and put them all together.
There are colours that may inspire you or objects you relate to – whatever it may be, just save them in a folder and voilร ! You have your mood-board ready ๐Ÿ™‚

If you wish to understand in detail about creating your mood-board, check out our blog post here.

2) Decide who is the right invitation designer for you :

Once you have your mood-board set and kind of know what direction you want to go in, try and find the right designer that suits your vision! Do some background checks & get your research in place!

We have a blog here on “Things to keep in mind before approaching your invitation designer”, this might help you understand what you need to prepare for before-hand.

There are multiple facets you should keep in mind before you close on that one person / company who you know is 100% going to deliver your “dream wedding invitation”.

Do they have enough experience?
What is the design style like?
Whats the quality of their work, are you able to see some samples?
How are the invites priced?
so and so forth…

Here is a full breakdown on what will help you select the right designer for you.

3) Get the ball rolling! :

Once you have finalised who you want to work with, you can get cracking!

You may feel that it is a bit too early yet – you may not have still figured out your dates & venues yet!
But you rather get the work done sitting at home – as you will eventually have to do this sooner or later!

Once you have given your design brief, the ball in the designer’s court!
Not only will you get more time to think through things, but it will also give the designer adequate time to work on designs without any tight timelines!


4) Work on your text :

This is a huge bottle neck for most families. Do not hesitate to ask your designer to guide you! They will be surely able to help you with some simple formats that you can use as a skeleton!

Start off by replacing basic information (couple / family names, followed by the dates and the venues).
For those who don’t have all the details in place, you can use dummy information for now & replace it once you have things crystallised.

By doing this, you will notice, that more than 80% of your text is already done! You can build on the finer details and the flowery language (if you please) as you go along!

5) Firm up your guest list :

Quarantine is the best time to work on this!

Many families go back & forth as to who to invite and who to leave out!
Use this time fruitfully to sit with your families and freeze on your list.

Although, we do understand that this is an ongoing process and will never get completed till you have no option left to add more names ๐Ÿ˜›

6) Labels & Addresses :

By these, we refer to the name & address labels, that you would be placing on the top of each envelope. It could be e-mail addresses if you are planning on sending E-invitations.

Make use of this time by getting in touch with your guests to collate their addresses / phone numbers / e-mail address details. Most couples find this being one of the most intimidating tasks, but by doing this exercise right now, not only will give you chance to catch up with your friends & family, it will also help you get your work done!
You have no clue how much of time this will save you later!

Remember! This a super important part of the logistics which makes your mailing / couriering very smooth & seamless, and you will not be overwhelmed when the invites actually are lying in front of you!


7) Fetching a better price :

Many couples may feel unfortunate, that this had to happen only when they are getting married or planning their wedding! Well, life is unpredictable! Isn’t it?

Let’s look at it from another perspective!
Most small businesses have no work at all currently due to the lockdown and would be waiting to get going!

This would be a good opportunity to get a great deal!
It goes without saying that most designers will ask you for a small deposit to start-off with, but why not lock your designer in at a competitive rate right now!

#Protips :-
– Sitting with your family for so many days at stretch, may not happen again soon! Use this time wisely to do things that require their consultation!

– While choosing your designer, ensure that they will be able to include one round of a “change-the-date”
E-version, incase this happens to continue.

– During quarantine, even if you manage to finalise your designs, do not put anything into print till the situation settles down!

We suggest, you take one thing at a time and start getting tasks ticked off!

We hope we’ve been insightful enough to take you through the basics, that can not only save your time but also help you make the most of this quarantine!

Should you have any feedback or want us to cover any particular topic, feel free to let us know!
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Until next time,
Disha & Harsh Munshaw
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