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Wedding Invitations

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Today’s blog post is all about giving you’ll some very basic information on the “invitation lingo” – by this what we mean is, we’ve put together a glossary of words or a handy guide which you’ll can refer to while giving a brief to your invitation designer!

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So let’s begin right away!

Main Envelope / Outer envelope :
This is the first look of your invitation, as it is the outer most cover of your card. This is where your guest name & address will be written.

Folder / Jacket :
This is normally the second layer in your card – this is what you are pulling out of the main envelope. This acts as a holder for your inserts.
Not all invite formats have the folder, you’ll see more details on this as you read on.

If you want to get a more ideas on different formats that you could use for your invites, do check out our article on “KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT VARIOUS FORMATS AND STRUCTURES FOR YOUR INVITATIONS!

Inserts / Leaves :
Your inserts are the different inlets of printed paper, that give information like date, time, venues, dress codes & family names.

For most Indian / South – Asian weddings where there are multiple functions, having inserts / leaves makes it easier for you to create combinations for different events.

The GSM is essentially the grammage or the thickness of the paper to be used for the card. The higher the GSM, the thicker the paper will be.

The GSM of the paper you choose, also plays a big part in the costing of the invitation or the stationery

Vellum paper :
We absolutely love using this paper!

Vellum paper is basically a thin translucent paper, which add a beautiful & delicate look to the overall card. In this too, there are GSMs & colour options available. This paper does wonders for a belly band or an insert that needs to have minimal information.

Labels & Addresses Stickers :
By these, we refer to the name & address labels with your guest name, that you would be placing on the top of each envelope.

These labels can have the guest names, address & the phone number. These are super helpful when it comes to courier & shipping & are a very important part of logistics while card delivery & distribution.

Foiling :
Foil stamping is perfect for those who want to add a little bling to their invitations!
A heated die is stamped onto the metallic foil, making it adhere to your paper, leaving a shiny, solid impression.

Foil can be added over & above any of the printing methods discussed above – whether it is screen, offset or digital – foiling sits really well on all.

If you’d like to know more on what different types of printing techniques that can be used, go check out our article on “EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT INVITATION PRINTING TECHNIQUES AND PROCESSES

There are some beautiful metallic foil colours, for e.g. – rose gold, silver, bronze, pinks, blues!

It is one of the most popular process for invitations as it adds all the lovely festive vibe to the prints.
We are absolutely obsessed with foils & we use it in almost every card.

Wedding Stationery

By wedding stationery we mean all the items that you may need at your events – welcome letters, itineraries, menu cards, gift bags, etc.

I hope we have been able to give you a good insight into the basics before you approach your wedding invitation designer.

#Protips :-

– Make sure you know how many invites you require as per your guest list before you enquire with your designer, because costs will vary based on quantities.

– Vellum paper can be used in a creative way in your invitation and look stunning as an add-on that too at a minimal incremental cost.

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